Staff Enhancement Experience (SEE) Canada Grant 2020-2021

The Staff Enhancement Experience (SEE) Canada Grant will continue its hiatus due to the current COVID-19 travel restrictions.

While the University will not be facilitating the formal SEE Canada program for the foreseeable future, with the support of your manager, you are encouraged to take advantage of the remote working environment to connect with colleagues at other Canadian institutions to learn from each other and share best practices in your particular area of work or interest. 

The following is a list of suggestions you may find useful when seeking out your own knowledge-sharing connection:

  • Explore institutions that have practices or programs that are of interest to you and offer value to your current work and role and discuss with your manager.
  • In your initial outreach, be sure to include key information about yourself, such a short bio or address to your LinkedIn profile, and your goals and hopeful outcomes in setting up meetings.
  • Have a clear goal in place prior to connecting. Consider what do you want to learn from this experience? As you are initiating this contact, you may be expected to lead the conversation.
  • When connecting virtually, be sure to inquire about a platform preference, agreeing on a mutually beneficial time, and be clear as to who sets the meeting.
  • Develop a framework of questions prior to your first meeting. Use open-ended questions to encourage more informative and robust responses, such as: ‘Tell me what the key steps were with this project. ‘
  • As the SEE Canada Grant is a mutual idea-exchange, explore what Waterloo insights your counterpart might find beneficial and would be interested in learning.
  • Explore the SEE Canada Grant program for questions that may guide you on this process. 

Much like everyone else, we look forward to when it is safe to travel again. We will be monitoring the travel rules and restrictions, both provincially and nationally, over the coming months, should the current travel restrictions change.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to for additional tips or assistance.