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NH 3006C
ext. 38425
Needles Hall (NH) 3006


  • administrative support to the Associate Vice-President, Academic and scheduling support for Associate Provost, Resources;
  • co-ordination of Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Program Reviews and new program proposals;
  • administration of Academic Integrity Office, Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Centre for Extended Learning (CEL), Quality Assurance Office, WatCACE and the Writing and Communication Centre; 
  • administrative support for Undergraduate Operations Committee, Course Evaluation Project
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NH 3006D


ext. 38562

Location:  Needles Hall (NH ) 3006D


  • manage the Quality Assurance Office and the Office of Academic Integrity;
  • oversee all internal processes and communications related to development (planning, execution and reporting) of new undergraduate and graduate academic programs (degree and non-degree) and the scheduled cyclical review of existing undergraduate and graduate academic (degree and non-degree) programs;
  • ensure that proposals for new programs, reviews of existing programs, and changes to existing programs meet the requirements of Waterloo's Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP);
  • collaborate with the Graduate Studies Office for graduate and augmented (combined undergraduate and graduate) reviews;
  • key contact for academic departments whose programs are undergoing review, and new academic programs and major program modifications