Complementary Teaching Assessment Project Team

Complementary Teaching Assessment Project Team (CTAPT)

The Complementary Teaching Assessment Project Team (CTAPT) was formed in winter 2018 to research and develop methods of assessing teaching and learning, and to provide recommendations based on empirical evidence and feedback consultations with the University of Waterloo community.

CTAPT is part of a larger initiative to improve the way we assess teaching and learning at Waterloo. We are working separately from the Course Evaluation Project Teams (CEPT and CEPT2), which were formed to explore and implement a new tool for student course perception surveys. The focus of CTAPT is to recommend additional methods that can be used campus-wide to complement course evaluations. These methods may include peer evaluation or teaching dossiers, for example. Our goal is to make recommendations that are useful for both formative and summative assessment.

CTAPT will be reaching out to the University of Waterloo community for input and feedback. Updates and calls to participate will be posted on this website.

CTAPT Primary Objectives:

  • To conduct a literature review of definitions of effective teaching in Higher Education
  • To search the literature and compile evidence of current methods for assessing teaching
  • To perform an environmental scan of current practices of assessing teaching at the University of Waterloo and similar Canadian (U15) and international Universities
  • To engage with the University of Waterloo community for feedback on preliminary findings
  • To produce a “white paper” that will summarize findings and provide recommendations and an implementation strategy, which will be disseminated University wide for further engagement

CTAPT Members:

  • Tonya Elliott, Centre for Extended Learning
  • Matthew Gerrits, Federation of Students
  • Fatma Gzara, Department of Management Sciences
  • Trevor Holmes, Centre for Teaching Excellence
  • Arnold Kwok, Graduate Student Association
  • John (Jay) Michela, Department of Psychology
  • Rudy Peariso, Centre for Extended Learning
  • Cynthia Richard, School of Pharmacy
  • Matthew Robbins, Graduate Student Association
  • Linda McNenly, Research Associate, Centre for Teaching Excellence
  • Syeda Shehnoor Nasir, Federation of Students
  • Ian VanderBurgh, Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (Chair)
  • Pia Zeni, Centre for Extended Learning