Course Evaluation Project

Multiple choice evaluation

The Course Evaluation Project Team (CEPT) was established in May 2014 to explore the potential for a new course evaluation model that is informed by best practices and meets the needs of students, faculty, staff and administrators. 

In November 2016 the project team produced a draft report that presented a course evaluation instrument guided by key principles, a cascaded model of questions, and an information management strategy.

The draft report was released to the campus community for comments and advice in November  2016. The report generated responses at the individual, departmental, organizational and faculty levels. The Course Evaluation Project Team carefully reviewed the submissions, which were used to inform the final draft report. The final draft report and its recommendations were endorsed and approved by Senate in September 2017.

In December 2017, David De Vidi took over as Chair on the CEPT. David's experience as department Chair and President of the Faculty Association provides valuable expertise which is necessary to move the project through Phase 2 and implementation. In May 2018, Sonya Buffone was hired to join the Course Evaluation Project Team as Senior Research Specialist. As project manager, Sonya's methodological expertise will help guide the next phase of the project. The team is preparing to pilot the cascaded course evaluation model in the fall of 2018.

Information and links to materials relevant to Phase 1 of the CEPT Project can be accessed here. Updates for Phase 2 will be accessible as they become available.