Fall Break Project

Fall Break 2018

2018 fall break schedule

Fall break 2018 took place Tuesday, October 9th and Wednesday, October 10th.  

The fall break is meant to be "...a pause for students in an academic term, to reflect upon and catch up on their term's work to date and, as necessary, prepare for any upcoming assignments and assessments."

A break is one contributor to a successful Fall Term. A welcoming orientation, a break that includes intentional programming and communication, and a coordinated exam period will all have a positive impact on our students' success during the Fall Term.

Fall Break background

As part of a three-year pilot project, the University of Waterloo had its first Fall Break in 2016. 

Each Fall Break in the pilot consisted of two study days held in October following Thanksgiving Monday. No classes are scheduled during these days. Students are encouraged to use these days to prepare for upcoming midterms, catch up on readings and assignments, or take time for personal wellness (e.g. catch up on sleep, exercise) to prepare for the rest of the term.

Our continuing measurement will aim to learn more about the timing, length and purpose of the Fall Break through ongoing student consultations through intercepts, as well as collecting feedback from students, staff and faculty. We will also begin to investigate potential "trade off" dates in response to the feedback requesting a longer Fall Break.