What is program evaluation?

Program evaluation is a systematic way of critically analyzing the value and impact of a program. The Fall Break Project was evaluated during the first three-year pilot (2016-2018).

Goals of the Fall Break project program evaluation

  1. Provide Senate, administrators, faculty, staff and students with additional information to help them make an informed decision about whether the Fall Break will continue after the three-year pilot.
  2. Inform service and program improvement initiatives to promote student success before, during, and after the Fall Break.

Fall Break program evaluation will answer

  • What does a ‘good’ break look like and are we facilitating the conditions of a ‘good’ break?
  • How is the Fall Break being used and what are students’ perceptions around the usefulness and value of the Fall Break?
  • Is the current time and length of Fall Break meeting student needs?

Consulted groups

Campus Wellness CUPE Local 793 Custodial and Ground Services
Faculty Association Federation of Students (Feds) Food Services
Graduate Student Association (GSA) Graduate Student Relations Committee (GSRC) Leadership Forum
Orientation advisors Residences (including affiliated colleges and universities) Staff Association
Undergraduate Student Relations Committee (USRC) 507 faculty members 667 students (78% undergraduate, 22% graduate)
4 student consultation group sessions    

Environmental scan

The task force also conducted an environmental scan and found that all other Ontario universities have implemented a break in the fall term with 80% of those breaks being four or five days.