Fall Break Task Force

In Spring 2014 the Vice-President, Academic and Provost set up a task force to examine the possibility of instituting a Fall Break at the University of Waterloo.  Associate Vice-President, Academic Mario Coniglio chairs the task force. Between 2014 and 2018, the task force has comprehensively explored the implementation of a Fall Break with Waterloo community via surveys, focus groups, interviews, online web forms and email correspondence.

  • Faculty Association
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Orientation Advisors
  • Student Consultation Groups (x4)
  • 507 Fauculty
  • Campus Wellness
  • 667 Students (22% G, 78% UG)
  • Graduate Student Relations Committee
  • Staff Association
  • Residences (incl. affiliated colleges and universities)
  • Federation of Students
  • Leadership Forum
  • UG Student Relations Committee
  • CUPE Local 793
  • Food Services
  • Custodial and Ground Services

The Task Force also conducted an environmental scan and found that all other Ontario Universities have implemented a break in the  fall term (80% have 4 or 5 day breaks).

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