Fall Reading Week Project

person walking in leaves

The project

Upon the conclusion of the University of Waterloo’s three year Fall Break pilot project (2016, 2017, 2018), Associate Vice-President, Academic, Mario Coniglio, convened a task force to establish a new three-year Fall Reading Week pilot project. Like the Reading Week that takes place each February following the Family Day holiday, the Fall Reading Week will give students a break in their schedules from the Saturday before, to the Sunday after Thanksgiving Monday each October in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Fall Reading Week is...

To support student wellness and ensure a successful fall term, Fall Reading Week provides a break in the schedule for on-campus undergraduate and graduate students. Students are encouraged to use this time to prepare for the rest of term, which may include studying for upcoming midterms, catching up on readings and assignments, and taking some time for rest and personal wellness. It is up to each student to choose how they spend their break.

What won't be happening during Fall Reading Week

Normally scheduled classes, labs, tutorials, seminars, and other course components will not take place. Submission deadlines for assignments, midterms, tests, or exams will not be scheduled. Co-operative Education will not schedule students for co-op interviews. Graduate student Teaching Assistantship (TA) duties will be suspended for the week.

What will be happening during Fall Reading Week

School of Pharmacy’s clinical rotations, doctoral comprehensive exams, and graduate thesis defenses may still be scheduled during Fall Reading Week. Student services, such as academic advising support, The Centre, The Student Success Office, The Writing and Communication Centre, Health Services, Counselling Services, libraries, and residences will opperate as usual.

Fall Reading Week and Covid-19

Now more than ever Waterloo students should be reminded, encouraged, and supported in taking some time for themselves and to determine what they need from this break in their schedules. Self care in these stressful and strange times is vital to student wellness and success. Whether they'll be away from campus or staying in the area, Waterloo students should be reminded that wearing their masks and social distancing is important. Students who spend time during Fall Reading Week away from campus with friends and loved ones should return prepared to quarantine as necessary.