At the conclusion of the three-year (2016-2018) Fall Break pilot project, Associate Vice-President, Academic, Mario Coniglio convened a new task force to head up a second three year (2019-2021) pilot project, this time instituting a fall term Reading Week.

Member Position Representing
Dan Brown Treasurer Faculty Association
Trevor Clews Academic Officer Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
Jennifer Coghlin Associate Registrar, Enrolment Services & Academic Policy Office of the Registrar
David DeVidi Task Force Chair and AVPA (succeeding Mario Coniglio) Office of the Associate Vice President, Academic
Matthew Gerrits Vice-President, Education Federation of Students
Cathy Newell Kelly University Registrar Office of the Registrar
Naima N. Samuel President and CEO Graduate Student Association
David McDougall Director Staff Association
Johanna Wandel Director (at-large) Faculty Association
Pam Charbonneau Director Student Success Office
Richard Wikkerink Director, Faculty Relations Co-operative Education