Chrysopsis gossypina (Michx.) Ell. ssp. gossypina is the most widely distributed and the most morphologically variable subspecies in C. gossypina.  The ranges of the three subspecies are sympatric only in northern and panhandle Florida where intermediates occur.  The three formae that are recognized (Semple 1981) represent the extremes in variation in phyllary hairiness and glandularity.  Many intermediates occur.  The f. decumbens can be similar to C. godfrey ssp. godfreyi.  The f. trichophylla can be similar to ssp. crusieana but the two ranges are allopatric. 

  • f. gossypina
  • f. decumbens (Chapman) Godfrey
  • f. trichophylla (Nutt.) Semple