Eucephalus ledophyllus

Cascade Aster

Eucephalus ledophyllus (A. Gray) Greene is native to meadows and open coniferous woods in the Cascade Mts. of Washington, Oregon and northern California (Allen 2006 FNA).  The species is distinguished by its scabrous to short scabrous or cottony and/or glandular-pubescent (especially peduncles) stems and its 5-21+ violet to purple rays.  The species is diploid (2n=18).

Two varieties are recognized by Allen (2006 FNA) distinguished on peduncles hair traits and numbers of ray florets:

  • var. ledophyllus (peduncles glandular or not, at least ± woolly or cottony; rays usually 13 or 21)
  • var. covillei (peduncles glandular, not cottony; rays usually 5 or 8)