Image of black hole

The Event Horizon Telescope is an Earth-sized network of millimeter-wavelength telescopes that together comprise the highest resolution imaging instrument in the history of astronomy, sufficient to image the event horizons of known astronomical black holes.

Photo of Mayall 4-meter telescope

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument in a new multi-object spectrograph being built for the Mayall telescope, which will be able undertake a spectroscopic survey 20 times faster than the Sloan Telescope, used for the influential Sloan Digital Sky Survey. It will be used to create a galaxy survey containing 30 million galaxies forming an unprecedented large-scale structure survey, which will be cosmic variance limited out to redshift z<1.4. Percival is one of the working group chairs for this survey and a member of the DESI executive.

Photo of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

The Canada-France-Imaging Survey is a Large Program on the Canada-France-Hawaii-Telescope to map 5000 square degrees of the northern sky in the r-band with exquisite image quality, and 10,000 square degrees in the u-band. This takes advantage of two unique strengths of this 4-m class telescope: good image quality and blue sensitivity.

Photo of Sloan Telescope

The extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey is an ongoing survey using the Sloan telescope. It is the only ongoing cosmological galaxy redshift survey and has already published a number of cosmological measurements covering the intermediate redshift range

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