Clarence Woudsma

Associate Professor

Dr. Woudsma's research is primarily focused on issues related to freight transportation and logistics, although he has a broad interest in transportation at all levels. He is really intrigued by the flows of people and goods that underpin social and economic interactions and the complex impacts of those flows.

Graduate Supervision:

Dr. Woudsma is open to a variety of interests – cargo, logistics, and has done regional economic analysis in the past.

Selected Publications:

  • Woudsma C., (2020), Disrupting Stuff: Material Flows in the Platform City, In Zwick A, and Spicer Z., (eds), The Platform Economy and the City: Urban Peril and Promise in the New Digital Economy,  Forthcoming
  • Woudsma, C., Jakubicek, P., (2020) Logistics land use patterns in metropolitan Canada, Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 88, p 1 - 10
  • Woudsma C. (2019) Freight Transportation: The Evolving Landscape of Matters and Models. In: Briassoulis H., Kavroudakis D., Soulakellis N. (eds) The Practice of Spatial Analysis. Springer
University of Waterloo

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