Paul is a sustainability researcher with a passion for low carbon aviation and a love of teaching. He brings social science expertise to a diverse set of energy and development research projects, often with engineer colleagues. He has 175 publications and over 230 presentations on a broad range of projects: zero-carbon buildings, energy retrofits, smart grid technologies, renewables in remote communities, sustainable economic development and community energy planning. Electric and low carbon aviation is the next challenge.

Paul earned his PPL when he was 18, but changed to flying gliders where he has used solar energy to soar without an engine for hundreds of kilometers and up to eight hours in a day. He has been an instructor in Australia and the U.K. and currently instructs at SOSA, the largest gliding club in Canada. He is a cross-country instructor, won the 2018 Canadian Gliding Championship (Club Class) and was a member of the 2019 Canadian team at the Pan-American Championships.

Paul teaches core courses in two of Waterloo’s interdisciplinary professional master’s programs: Master of Economic Development and Innovation (MEDI), Master of Climate Change (MCC), and has supervised 120 research students.

University of Waterloo

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