Research frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who do I contact if interested in research collaborations?

If you are a researcher interested in collaborating with any of the researchers featured on this site, you are welcome to contact them directly. If you’re interested in being featured yourself or becoming more involved in aviation research, please contact Dr. Suzanne Kearns.

If you are an industry organization or a private company who is interested in collaborating on an applied research project, please contact Colin Russell or Vlad Loutchenok.

If you are interested in supporting Waterloo Aviation through a philanthropic gift, please contact Maryam Latifpoor-Keparoutis.

I am interested in graduate school, and want to focus my studies on research that is applied to aviation. What can I do that at Waterloo?

If you are interested in applying to be a graduate student (Masters or PhD) exploring aviation questions at the University of Waterloo, you are encouraged to:

  • Review the bios of the researchers listed on this site.
  • As researchers come from various disciplines, you should determine what area of study you want to focus on (for example, Geography, Psychology, Engineering, etc.) and ensure you have the prerequisites required for admission.
  • If you believe there is a match, please contact that faculty member directly to request if they are interested in supervising your studies.
  • If the faculty member accepts, you would begin the formal application process to Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs at the University of Waterloo.

Who is the media contact?

Waterloo has a variety of experts who can speak on various issues. Please use the University of Waterloo Experts database to search for the topic area of interest.

I’m already an undergraduate student at Waterloo. I’m not enrolled in the aviation program, but I am very interested in aviation and would like to get involved (and maybe volunteer to support research). How can I do that?

We encourage you to join the University of Waterloo Aviation Society (UWAS), which is the student society at the University of Waterloo. Aviation researchers often work with the UWAS to identify volunteers. It’s also a great way to make like-minded friends, learn more about the aviation industry, and attend social events.