Flight simulator research

AL250 cockpit view

To support aviation-applied research, the University of Waterloo will be installing a flight simulator in 2021. This simulator is an Alsim AL250 device, which can be reconfigured to represent a variety of different aircraft types. Waterloo researchers will be able to use this device at no (or minimal) cost to explore research questions.

Some of the research projects include:

  • Can machine learning measure and monitor pilot skill progression, with a focus on competency-based education?
  • Can we developing training programs that are more effective, motivating, and engaging for aviation students?
  • How do immersive learning technologies (such as virtual and augmented reality) compare to more advanced devices like the simulator?
  • Can we measuring how the brain processes and integrates information from senses as students develop the skills to maneuver flight controls?
  • What is the linkage between vision quality and performance?