Natural, economic and political disruption. People are being forced from their homes. Where will they work and how will they rebuild community?

There are more people on the move today than at any other time since the Second World War. Millions are being forced from their homes by natural, economic or political disruption. While millions search for their next home, others look for their next job, with nations searching for ways to create employment for all.

Waterloo Impact

The Diversity Dividend report placed on a table

Diversity is good for business

Waterloo researcher links culturally inclusive teams to an increase in revenue and productivity

Hand holding old photo

The rise of women in STEM

From rural India to Waterloo: how a woman's fearless pursuit of higher education led to an engineering professorship in Canada  


Mural of Nelson Mandela on a wall

Building a generation of tech leaders in Africa

Startup that was co-founded by three Waterloo alumni scouts brilliant people across Africa and creates an environment for them to thrive

Map of the world made with flour

Scaling up food security innovations to improve lives

Waterloo alumnus is working to better understand how global communities can own food security innovations


Vinh Nguyen as a child at a dinner table in a hut.

Dispelling myths about refugees and their life experiences

Waterloo English professor wins prestigious Polanyi Prize to continue to examine the shared connections among Vietnamese, Syrian and Mennonite refugees

Hands on jigsaw puzzle pieces on a table

Helping refugees and volunteers connect

Waterloo startup also wants to help corporate volunteer programs become more engaging for the modern workforce


Map of the Canada/US border

Why highly skilled immigrants are drawn to the U.S.

A Waterloo economist says university-educated immigrants in the U.S. earn more than comparable U.S.-born workers, while in Canada the situation is flipped

student in a lab

Work-integrated learning for the skills revolution

The largest generation of young people coming into the workforce at the same time as the fourth industrial revolution


By the numbers

Canada ranks#2in the world for economic influence and quality of lifeBEST COUNTRIES REPORT, U.S NEWS & WORLD REPORT, 2018
65.6 milliondisplaced people around the worldUNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR REFUGEES
50%of the world's household wealth is owned by 1 per cent of adultsTHE GLOBAL REPORT, CREDIT SUISSE



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