There are millions of data points that make up our digital lives. How will they fit into a quantum future?

The explosion of data has transformed our lives and our economy. As innovators find new ways to use big data to improve our lives, others are in a race to protect sensitive data in a future where quantum devices, information and technologies bring both promise and risk.

Waterloo Impact

Skull on screen

Mathematicians help build better surgical plans

When doctors wanted the best outcomes, they called on math researchers at Waterloo

Blockchain banner

Beyond the hype: the future of blockchain

Waterloo researchers are looking beyond the hype to a promising future


IQC stariway

Software for the quantum age

Meet the Waterloo student enabling quantum computers to solve real-world problems


Is blockchain the future of cybersecurity?

The Waterloo Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute is tackling security challenges before they arise


Spaun robot

Building a brain

How Waterloo’s artificial brain is powering the next tech revolution

Katarina Ilic watching circuit board being 3D printed

How a circuit board printer is accelerating innovation

Voltera: Award-winning Waterloo startup is shipping its printer to more than 60 countries around the world


Machine in David Cory's IQC lab

Forming the building blocks for quantum computers

Waterloo researchers work in experimental quantum physics and quantum engineering has led to a number of startups

CGI face talking into a phone

How machine learning helps Siri and Alexa understand you

Waterloo computer scientists are developing technology to improve speech recognition and allow machines to give you better answers to your questions


Meet the man protecting your secrets

Governments and corporations need to start thinking about quantum era security right now, says Waterloo researcher

Urban city at night

How Waterloo researchers are keeping hackers out of your devices

Everything from pacemakers to insulin pumps and digital toys can be hacked in our Internet-of-Things world


Man in mask holding microscope over a newspaper

Hiding censored websites inside cat videos

Waterloo computer scientists are working toward baseline Internet freedom for everyone with a free, anti-censorship decoy routing system called Slitheen

IQC lab

Canada's stake in the quantum race

The race for the economic benefits of quantum technologies is Canada’s to lose.


$445 billion per yearcost of cyber crime globallyWORLD ECONOMIC FORUM
2.5 quintillionbytes of data created everydayIBM
50.1 billiondevices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020COMPTIA



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