A double-edged business professional

Studying business at Waterloo set me up for success

Being able to major in one subject and take business courses on top of it creates for a one of a kind experience. In my case, the Honours Arts and Business program let me major in Economics and minor in French – shaping my education into exactly what I wanted.

First year = a great foundation

In first year, you're in classes surrounded by students in other business programs at Waterloo and you start off with a great foundation of business concepts. You get the opportunity to participate and have in-depth discussions on engaging topics.

Similar to high school but with more opportunity to get your voice heard, business courses at Waterloo are a step up from anything you’ve known before.

In your first year in most Waterloo business programs, you’ll take an introduction to business in North America, introduction to economics, accounting as well as business ethics - a wide scope that introduces you to a variety of important and interesting subjects.

Being able to see your ideas and projects come to life from paper to action is inspiring.

Team work

There will be team work in almost all your business classes and activities. What does this mean for you? It’s an opportunity to meet new friends and be a part of interesting projects that truly have an impact on your community.

Being able to see your ideas and projects come to life from paper to action is inspiring. For example, getting feedback from your fellow students that your project helped them to relieve stress during the busy midterm seasons is a rewarding moment! 

One of my favourite class memories is from a marketing course where my team and I developed a brand throughout the whole semester. It was fun and such a great learning opportunity. We chose Jones Soda and got to do everything from marketing plans to presentations – like a real marketing team!

Another highlight was planning a community event for a business foundations course. I felt that we got to really make a difference and take part in the local community by planning a week-long Halloween/mental health event in Waterloo's Student Life Centre during midterms.

Guest speakers add a whole new dimension to the classroom experience

As well, guest speakers add a whole new dimension to the classroom experience – plus many professors have several years of industry experience that can provide valuable insights to your education as well as career planning.

Furthermore, there isn’t a single business course where you don’t learn something new that you use in other classes and during co-op work terms.

Turning ideas into companies

For me, a huge part of studying business at Waterloo is the innovation aspect. Waterloo is consistently ranked as Canada’s most innovative university and there are many entrepreneurship ventures coming out of the university, and even more resources to help you achieve that big idea.


Waterloo’s Velocity program is the largest free startup incubator in the world and is a leading entrepreneurship program at Waterloo. GreenHouse is another incubator with a focus on social impact. Both of these also offer  residence experience to help you get your idea off the ground.

In addition to that, there are several business clubs on campus, everything from finance to consulting so you are bound to find something to match your interests.