Bringing friends closer through technology

Meet Rudi, a Computer Science student, and Shida, a Software Engineering student. These two combined their complementary knowledge to develop a helpful app that won them a hack-a-thon challenge.

Bringing friends closer through mobile technology

Rudi and Shida were one of 10 groups selected to travel to Lund, Sweden, to participate in the Nokia Imaging Hack-a-thon.

While there, they created a working demonstration of their app which ultimately won them the competition as well as a trip to a Nokia event in Abu Dhabi!

Can you hack it?

Hack-a-thons are very popular among Waterloo students. Each year, Waterloo hosts Hack the North, the largest hackathon in Canada.

Students from across the world vie for the opportunity to compete in this annual competition, judged by industry professionals from companies such as Google and Y Combinator.

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