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E5 4029

Research Interests:

  • Biotechnologies (sensors, mobile health, biomedical instrumentation, DNA sequencing, pharmaceutical analysis, skin cancer screening, energy harvesting, environmental monitoring)

  • Wireless communication systems (RF technologies, antenna, and propagation modelling)

  • Emerging RF/Microwave/Millimeter Wave/THz systems, devices, and novel electromagnetic materials

  • Computational electromagnetics and photonics

NSERC Research In Motion Industrial Research Chair in Wireless Communications [NSERC Profile]

[Waterloo Record] July 3,2018, highlights the Anechoic chamber in the Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS)

[Waterloo News]  June 28, 2018 "AI and radar technologies could help diabetics manage their disease"

[Engineering News] June 28, 2018 "Researchers developing a prick-free glucose monitor"

[RD Magazine] June 28, 2018 "AI and Radar Technologies Could Help Diabetics Manage Their Disease

[Waterloo New] [Engineering News] May 22, 2018, Electrical and Computer Engineering,  $12 million awarded to Waterloo researchers

[Waterloo Stories] January 20, 2017 "Smart antennas could “make the world a better place”

[Waterloo News] June 22, 2016 "Developed in Waterloo, now orbiting in space"

[Waterloo Stories] September 13, 2013 "Waterloo opens world-class facility"

[CBB researcher story] December 7, 2012 "Improving Healthcare with Electromagnetic Waves"

Application Areas→Space; Technology Areas→Computational Modeling, Imaging, Sensors; Discipline Areas→Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Nanotechnology; Faculty→Engineering; NSERC Industrial Research Chairs

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