Hamid T
519-888-4567 x46751
E7 6314

Research Interests:

  • Big data, computer vision and image processing, health engineering, terahertz imaging, fuzzy image processing

  • Machine intelligence, opposition-based learning, pattern recognition

  • Medical imaging and analysis (CT, MR, and ultrasound imaging)



[News Medical Life Sciences] June 28, 2018 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Medical Imaging

[GRH News] May 31, 2018, "GRH partners with UW researchers and Huron Digital Pathology to create a “digital revolution” in pathology with medical search engine"

[Daily Bulletin] May 29, 2018, $3.7M in funding for AI and medical imaging project

[Exchange Magazine] May 22, 2018, Speaks about “Faster, Better, More Reliable than Deep Features: A Projection-Based, Pathologist-Centric Approach to Identification of Histopathology Images” at the Pathology Informatics Summit  in Pittsburgh, PA.

[Waterloo New] [Engineering News] May 22, 2018, Electrical and Computer Engineering,  $12 million awarded to Waterloo researchers

[YouTube Lecture] January 21, 2015 "BIG Data, Medical Imaging and Machine Intelligence"

[YouTube Lecture] October 1, 2014 "Medical Imaging: Pixels, Consensus and Learning"

[Waterloo Stories] January 9, 2013 "Making it harder for cancer to hide"

Application Areas→Cancer, Data Science, Healthcare Systems, Inflammatory Diseases, Personalized Medicine; Technology Areas→Computational Modeling, Diagnostics, Imaging, Machine Learning/AI; Discipline Areas→Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science; Faculty→Engineering

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