Q. When does the next round of application open? 

A. October 15, 2019

Q. Do I need to fill out a Waterloo Cover Sheet for sponsored research activities?
A. Yes.  A waterloo cover sheet will need to be completed and submitted with your proposal.

Q. Do references count within the page limit?
A. References do not count toward page limits. Append references on a separate page. 

Q. Do I need to have OR Ethics approval before I submit the proposal?
A. No.  However, appropriate ethics approval will need to be obtained before relevant project tasks are initiated, or awarded funds are released.  Refer to UW’s guidelines for Research Involving Human Participants and/or Guidelines for the Care and Use of Animals in Research and Teaching.

Q. How do I access my awarded seed funds?
A. CBB will work with your departmental administrator to initiate a transfer of funds.

Q. Who do I contact with questions about reporting expenditures?
A. Any questions about reporting expenditures should be directed to your departmental administrator.

Q. Are there any restrictions to the types of expenses that can be charged to the funding account?
A. The expectation is that funds would be used in general accordance with the budget outlined in the application, and abide by UW eligible expenses. This could include, equipment/hardware, software, meeting costs, lab user fees, training opportunities, etc. There is not a requirement for line item expenditures; recipients are asked to provide narrative reports on expenses and project progress at the end of the funding period.

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