Hey everyone! I am a PhD student from the Chuong lab where I study the potential role of a novel protein in regulating certain genes to improve the photosynthetic efficiency in a C4 plant species.

As the BGSA president for the 2019/2020 year I am responsible for facilitating communication between and among the department, our executive team and the Biology graduate students. I am looking forward to pushing the boundaries of what BGSAs of past have already done in order to create an environment conducive to respect, collaboration and community building. Our goal is to be the catalyst that brings together individuals within the department, so that no biology graduate student feels like they are without support.

You can find me in B1-267 if you ever want to talk events, basketball, movies/tv shows and whatever else. Looking forward to getting to know all of you this upcoming year.

Hi everyone! I am a second-year M.Sc. student in the Chuong lab.  I am studying a novel transit peptide which directs proteins to the outer envelope of chloroplasts.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Honours Biology, specializing in plants and bioinformatics, at the best university around, the University of Waterloo.  In my spare time I like to knit, garden, play DnD, and hang-out with friends.

 My responsibilities as vice-president include managing the BGSA budget/expense claims, helping organize events, and supporting the hard work the BGSA crew does behind the scenes.  This is my second year serving on the BGSA, last year I wrote the digest and sat on the social committee. This year I will use my knowledge and experience to bring new and inclusive activities to the BGSA. My goal is to continue building the graduate biology community and create a social environment where everyone feels welcome. Feel free to approach me if you need a hand with anything, have ideas for the BGSA, or if you just want to say hi! You can email me or find me in B1-267.

My name is Ivan Cadonic and I’ll be starting my PhD in Dr. Paul Craig’s lab in the fall. My Master’s research focused on how microRNAs are altered by stress to determine how they could be involved in recovery. For my PhD, I’ll be looking at how microRNAs are altered by probiotics in Chinook salmon. Probiotics help to protect these fish from infection, so we hope to determine how microRNAs are involved in immune function.

 This is my second year as the BGSA Secretary. During meetings I take notes to document what’s been discussed and decided on. To keep up to date on events, keep an eye on your email and follow our Twitter account (@uwbgsa) and have been added to the Facebook group (UWaterloo Biology Grads)! If you have any questions or news you want shared, feel free send me an email (igcadoni@uwaterloo.ca) or drop by my lab (B1-171b).

Hello everyone!  I am a second year MSc student in the Chuong lab where I am investigating protein localization to the outer envelope of chloroplasts via a new transit peptide-like pathway.  When I’m not in the lab I am likely container gardening, making crafts, playing with my cat or playing Dnd.

 As one of your social convenors my goal is to organize events that reflect the current grad students’ interests and are as fun and inclusive as possible.  I’d love to hear any ideas you have for events we could run. Looking forward to meeting you all!

I am completing my MSc in landfill microbial diversity with the Hug Lab over the summer and beginning my PhD in the Broders Lab studying bat ectoparasites in September. Outside of the lab, I enjoy kayaking, axe throwing, and hiking with my dog, Teddy. 

This is my second year with the BGSA and as one of your social convenors, I hope to bring you fun and inclusive events throughout the year. If you have any ideas for events or would like to be involved with the social committee, please get in touch. I look forward to meeting you at one of our many events!

I am a PhD student in Dr. Kirsten Müller’s Lab. My research focuses on the spatial and temporal dynamics that influence microalgae and microbial community composition in freshwater lakes. I completed my undergraduate at the University of Waterloo in Honours Biology, and also hold a MSc in Molecular Science from Ryerson University. When I’m not in the lab, I spend my free time exploring parks and trails with my dog, Freddie.  

As the Graduate TA representative, I help in the planning of the TA workshop and also attend the TA selection meetings. Feel free to contact me with any concerns you have regarding your teaching assistantships.

Hey Everyone! I am a PhD student in the Power Lab where I am studying the physiological tolerances of a threatened fish species, the Eastern Sand Darter. I am looking to gain a better understanding of threats facing their survival, so we can make better conservation management decisions to protect the species from extinction.

 As one of the Athletic coordinators I will be responsible in organizing and running sporting events throughout the year with the goal of getting as many people out to participate as possible! This includes running intramurals each semester where you will get a chance to poll the sports you prefer to play. We ultimately hope to get several people to participate to get to know your other grads in the department through sports team-building.

Hello! My name is Rhiannon Hodgson, I am a MSc in Dr. Paul Craig's lab. I study the impacts of the Waterloo wastewater treatment plant effluent on fish physiology, specifically metabolism and energetic changes. 

Britney Firth and I will be handling the athletics side of the BGSA. My focus is on intramurals and making sure that as many people as possible can and want to participate! It's a great way to meet your fellow bio grads and get some exercise and socializing into your busy schedule. Be sure to keep an eye out for emails from me finding out what sports we should play! Feel free to email me: rmhodgso@uwaterloo.ca

I’m a masters student in Dr. Trevor Charles lab, studying bacteria that break down the herbicide glyphosate (RoundUp), my goal is to understand the genes that are involved in its degradation and hopefully discover new pathways. In my spare time I canoe, hang out at the Grad House, and spend time on my parents’ woodlot.

I am the Biology representative on the Graduate Student Association (GSA), where I make sure the concerns and interested of biology graduates are heard when discussing the actions and initiatives of the GSA.

I am also the Graduate Seminar Talk Coordinator, where I give graduate students an opportunity to present their research in front of their peers and improve both their science and their ability to convey it.”