Hi everyone! I am a PhD student in the University of Waterloo Environmental Change Research lab (WATER Lab) under the supervision of Dr. Hall. My research is focused on using paleolimnology and hydrology to assess the potential effects of major energy projects and climate change on lakes in the Peace-Athabasca Delta. Things I like to do outside the lab include spending time at Grad House, playing baseball and cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As President, I will be responsible for liaising with the Department and other graduate student associations on behalf of the general membership of the Biology Graduate Student Association. I hope to continue to build on hte strong attendance we have had at events in the previous years while creating a community people have a desire to get involved in.

I look forward to seeing you all over the next year!


I am a PhD candidate in the Doxey lab, where I study bacterial toxins. I use a variety of bioinformatic techniques to understand how these toxins evolve and how they function.  

I am pleased to be the BGSA's vice president for the 2018-2019 year and look forward to working with our team to create a great year for our fellow graduate students!

Hi! My name is Ivan Cadonic and I’m a Masters student in Dr. Paul Craig’s lab. I study the effects of stress on fish. Specifically, I’m interested in learning how extracellular vesicles are altered after exposure to stress and the hormones associated. I study the changes in miRNAs and want to know how these changes are helping to propagate and recover from the stress phenotype.  

As BGSA secretary, I take the meeting minutes for each executive meeting as a way of documenting what is discussed and to maintain record of what has been decided. I will also be maintaining the social media accounts as a way of communicating to the Biology grad community on upcoming events and other important news! If you have any questions or news you want shared, feel free to message me on one the BGSA social media accounts (Facebook: University of Waterloo Biology GSA; Twitter: @uwbgsa). You can also send me an email (igcadoni@uwaterloo.ca) or drop by my lab (B1-171b).  

Hey everyone! I am a master’s student in Dr. Laura Hug’s lab, in which I use computational biology to study viral ecology in municipal waste sites. In my spare time, I enjoy weightlifting, indoor rock climbing, and spending time with my two-year old nephew, Ayden.  

As the GSA representative, I am seated on the Graduate Student Association (GSA) council as a representative for the Biology department. I attend monthly GSA meetings, along with council members from other departmental graduate student associations at UW, where we discuss and make decisions on matters of interest to our graduate student population. I voice concerns of the BGSA at these meetings and bring any important information back to the Biology department.

Hey everyone! I am a MSc student in the Lolle lab where I am investigating the role of the HOTHEAD protein in Arabidopsis thaliana. When not in the lab you can find me playing board games or going for walks around our lovely campus.  

As one of your social convenors my goal is to hold events that reflect the interests of the current graduate students. To make these events as fun and inclusive as possible please don’t hesitate to flood me with your ideas!

I am a Master’s student in Dr. Laura Hug’s lab. I am researching microbial diversity in a Southern Ontario landfill, trying to figure who is present and what they are doing. I did my undergrad at the University of Guelph in wildlife biology and conservation. Outside of the lab, I enjoy kayaking and hanging out with my dog.   

As one of the BGSA social convenors, I will work to bring you engaging, inclusive and fun events throughout the year. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas about events!

Hello! I am a Master’s student in the McConkey and Neufeld labs. My research focuses on producing a baseline characterization of the microbial diversity of the wastewater treatment system in Baker Lake, Nunavut. When I’m not in the lab, you can find me playing soccer or baking. 

As the graduate TA representative, I am involved in organizing the TA workshops, attending TA selection meetings, and dealing with any concerns that you may have about your teaching assistantships.

I am a PhD student in Dr. Kirsten Müller’s Lab. My research focuses on the spatial and temporal dynamics that influence microalgae and microbial community composition in freshwater lakes. I completed my undergraduate at the University of Waterloo in Honours Biology, and also hold a MSc in Molecular Science from Ryerson University. When I’m not in the lab, I spend my free time exploring parks and trails with my dog, Freddie.  

As conference coordinator, I hope to coordinate a fun day of presentations about current and upcoming research in the department. If you have any questions or suggestions for the 2019 Biology Graduate symposium, feel free to contact me to discuss it!

Hello, I am a MSc student in Dr. Paul Craig’s lab. My project involves studying the metabolic costs associated with an immune response in Zebrafish. I am looking at the changes that take place on a molecular level and on the organismal level. I will also be studying behavioural changes that may occur due to the immune response.  

As the Athletic coordinator I will be responsible for running intramurals for the BGSA I will include the most number of people possible. This will include polling people to see what sports are the most popular. In addition to intramurals I will also investigate holding one time only sporting and physical activity events to provide stress relief and social activities to the BGSA members.

Hey everyone! I am a MSc student in the Chuong Lab where I am studying the potential role of a novel protein in the regulation and unique compartmentalization of RuBisCO in single-cell C4 plant species.  

I will be working with Nathan Bennoit in the role of athletics coordinator to help organize fun and inclusive events with the goal of getting as many of us out onto the field/court/ice for high-energy, team-building activities. This includes the organization of intramural teams, so please come see either of us if you're looking to join! We ultimately hope to use sport and friendly competition as the medium for grads to get to know each other outside the walls of these biology buildings.

Hi everyone! I am a first-year masters student in the Chuong lab.  I am studying a chloroplast outer envelope protein and its involvement in the chloroplast import pathway.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Honours Biology, specializing in plants and bioinformatics, at the best university around, the University of Waterloo.  In my spare time I like to knit and watch documentaries.  

My responsibilities as the first-year rep are quite minimal, it is my goal to get to know all the incoming students, make them feel welcomed and get them out to events.  Other than that, I will act as an extra pair of hands organizing social events, the symposium, and anything else that might come up.  Feel free to approach me if you need a hand with anything! 

I am a PhD Student in the Katzenback lab and my research is focused on small molecules known as nature's antibiotics or "antimicrobial peptides" and how they interact with and/or influence skin cell responses to pathogens. I'm also interested in cell migration, cell adhesion and cancer biology. I'm excited to be your GSTC this year and hope to facilitate many productive discussions! Find me on twitter: @protein2peptide