Counseling Services provides assistance with study skills, career planning, and personal goals. There is no charge to registered students, staff, and faculty, and it's confidential and voluntary. See Science Counseling Services for more specific services.

Conflict Management and Human Rights Office “...acts as a focal point and resource to all members of the university community regarding matters of harassment, discrimination, and other general forms of conflict.”

Statistical Consulting Services provides free consultations to graduate students on almost all aspects of experimental design and analysis, as well as assistance with University supported statistical packages (SYSTAT is not a supported application contrary to what the website says). You can either drop in at the help desk (see website for seasonal hours), or you can make an appointment.

For assistance with:

TRACE the Teaching Resources Office that runs the Certificate of University Teaching (CUT) and provides a number of resources for teaching assistants and lecturers at Waterloo, as well as those interested in teaching in the future.