Academic Regulations and Student Discipline

A summary of University of Waterloo disciplinary policies can be found in the Graduate Calendar. Any action which prejudices the integrity of the University's scholarly activities can be considered to be an academic offence. In particular, the following offences are punishable by penalties ranging from reprimand to expulsion:

  • cheating on examinations, assignments, etc.
  • plagiarism (copying published or unpublished work of others without proper citation) in essays, theses, or other work
  • submitting false credentials or certificates, including medical certificates
  • submitting work for one course which has been submitted for credit elsewhere, without permission
  • behaviour in a laboratory which endangers oneself or others
  • behaviour which interferes with the studies of other students
  • falsification or fabrication of data for research
  • extended absences from work without approval
  • failure to maintain contact with or to respond to communication requests from your Supervisor, the Graduate Officer, or the Biology Graduate Office.

Please also refer to the Student Discipline Policy 71.