Accepted TA Offers

Next Steps

Fall 2017

Thank you for accepting your TA offer.

Graduate students do not need to do anything further.

If you are not a graduate student there are three steps to complete before September 15th to be paid in September 2017:

1. Sign your Temporary Authorization form in the Biology Graduate Office (B1 274) between August 1/17 and September 15/17. **you will need to bring your SIN Number and Permanent Address to complete the paperwork.**
2. If you did not TA in the Winter or Spring terms, you must complete the following payroll forms and hand them in to April Wettig or the Graduate Office Assistant in B1 274 when you sign your temporary authorization form: 
- Direct Deposit form (if you've never been paid by UW)
3. If you haven't already done so, please complete the online Safety Training:
  • Employee Safety Orientation
  • Workplace Violence Awareness
  • Labratory Safety
  • WHMIS for UW Employees (note this is not the same as WHMIS for undergraduates)
4. For those that have not attended the TA workshop, it is scheduled for Saturday, September 9. You will be sent information in August regarding it.

All applicants will be contacted by July 31, 2017 whether we are able to offer them a position or not.