(Grad Only) 4th TA Unit

Why would I do a 4th TA unit?

The term you complete the 4th TA unit you'll receive an additional $2562 of funding in addition to your minimum that term.

Am I eligible for a 4th TA unit?

Requirements to be eligible to have a 4th TA unit:

  1. Must be in good standing and within program time limits.
  2. Your supervisor and committee must approve a 4th TA unit (approval is indicated on the committee meeting form)
  3. Complete 4 TA units (3 regular plus the 4th) in your academic year

How do I apply?

No application is required. The information is pulled from your committee meeting report. You will be notified by the Biology Graduate Office if you are eligible for a 4th unit.


The Faculty of Science has agreed to extend the 4th TA Unit Offer project. 

The 4th TA unit must be approved by your supervisor and committee. This 4th TA unit is NOT REQUIRED, but an option for you to make Grad TA pay and receive the SGEA in addition to your minimum funding for the term you hold the 4th TA unit. This additional funding has been provided by the Faculty of Science.

You are only eligible if you have already completed 2 TA units this year (current and previous term) and therefore can do 2 units in the following term (or 1 unit in each of the next two terms) bringing you to your 4th TA unit.

What do you do if you want a 4th TA unit?

Have a committee meeting and discuss your plans with your supervisor and committee members.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Once again this is NOT REQUIRED, only an opportunity to make additional funds as sponsored by the Faculty.