Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Department gathered this fall to celebrate the careers and contributions of several retiring or departing faculty members: Bill Taylor (aquatic ecology), Niels Bols (cell biology), Colin Mayfield (microbiology), Matt Vijayan (cell physiology), and Owen Ward (microbiology).

Colleagues Brian Dixon, Ralph Smith, and Barb Butler took turns sharing stories and reflecting on the careers of Niels Bols, Bill Taylor, and Owen Ward, respectively. The goodbye speeches for those we were able to celebrate in person were both touching and memorable.

Niels Bols

Highlights of the speeches that followed included Niels (above) having us all laughing while emphatically recalling the intensity of teaching thousands of undergrads, sometimes in five sequential BIOL130 lectures... "Kick out the jams!", Niels exclaimed emphatically!

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor (above), who was recently awarded with the 2013 recipient of the Career Achievement Award from the Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs, left us with this final "heartwarming" goodbye, "I will not miss the race but I will miss all you rats." Bill is nonetheless hanging with us rats a bit longer as a very active professor emeritus.

Owen Ward

And as he always did at the close of his BIOL443 course, Owen Ward (above) left us by singing a poetic summary of Fermentation Biotechnology, with multiple verses, to the tune of Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind"... “The answer my friend is in Ward's fermentation biotechnology…”. Although he admitted to missing the daily duties of a faculty member, he also confessed that "sitting on a beach somewhere in February with a bottle of good wine beats teaching".

Whether retiring, moving on, or continuing to conduct research here in Biology, we wish all of our esteemed colleagues the very best in their upcoming adventures. Please stay in touch and, although we look forward to regular updates, please don't send any beach pictures in February.

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