Biology Awards 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014


uest post by David Rose

Every year at the Spring convocation, we hold one of the most gratifying events for our Department: the annual Biology Department Awards presentation. While we recognize the success of our specific awardees, this event showcases the excellence of all Biology students and faculty members. It takes a village, as they say.

Due to the split graduation ceremony for Science again this year, the Biology event was held on Wednesday June 11th, the day before the actual convocation. Participation was excellent at both the ceremony and the reception following.

The 2014 awardees are as follows (pictures shown where available):

Amanda Dumas

Jonathan R. Matthews Memorial Award to Amanda Dumas (above)

This annual award is given for the top academic achievement with the highest overall average in third- and fourth-year courses in undergraduate studies (Biology or Biochemistry). The $400 scholarship is named after the late Dr. Jonathan R. Matthews, who earned a PhD from Waterloo in 1976. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Waterloo when he died tragically in a car accident.

Dan Kurtz

Professor Marilyn Griffith Senior Honours Project Excellence Award to Daniel Kurtz (above)

This award, established by her colleagues in the Department of Biology in memory of Dr. Marilyn Griffith, is presented annually to recognize outstanding performance by an undergraduate student in a senior honours research project. During her distinguished career, Dr. Griffith researched how plants cope with cold temperature stress and at the time of her death, she was one of the world’s leading authorities in this area. 

Brent Seuradge

Ram and Lekha Tumkur Memorial Graduate Scholarship to Kate Kennedy and Brent Seuradge (above)

This $1,000 scholarship has been established by Dr. and Mrs. Nagraj Tumkur in memory of their children Rammonhan and Chitralekha, who lost their lives in Air India flight 182 that crashed in June 1985 with no survivors. It is awarded annually for postgraduate study leading to a MSc degree in any field of biology and is based on both scholarship and financial need

Dr. Noel Hynes Memorial Graduate Scholarship to Phillip Harrison

A scholarship valued at $2,000 will be awarded annually to a full-time graduate student enrolled in the department of Biology in the Faculty of Science, working in the area of ecology. Preference will be given to students who do not hold another major award. This fund is made possible by the family and friends of Dr. Noel Hynes, first permanent Chair of the Department of Biology.

Daina Duca

Dean of Science award – Biology to Daiana Duca (above)

The Dean of Science award is given in recognition of outstanding performance in the Master of Science program. One certificate will normally be awarded annually to a master's student from the Department of Biology in recognition of creative research as presented in the student's thesis.

W. B. Pearson Medal to Lital Sever

This medal was created to honour Professor W.B. Pearson in recognition of his contribution to the University of Waterloo and to Canada as a research scientist and teacher. One medal is awarded annually to a PhD student from the Department of Biology in recognition of creative research as presented in the student's thesis.

Amit & Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student to Dr. Kyra Jones

This award was established through a generous gift by Dr. & Mrs. Chakma to recognize and promote teaching excellence of our next generation of educators.

Susan Lolle

Jack Carlson Teaching Award to Dr. Susan Lolle (above)

In honour of one of the Department’s most accomplished teachers, to a faculty member showing excellence in teaching, as chosen by the Annual Performance Review committee.

Manlong Xu

2014 Outstanding Student Seminar from the Graduate Symposium:

Saad Khan

Manlong Xu (Vision Science; above)

Jessica Mendoza

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