Thursday, February 20, 2014

Biology watching the Olympics

Our Department developed a Strategic Plan in 2009, a working document which describes what we do, who we are, and where we are going. Among our unchanging core values is "Community", which is described as, "We value diversity and respect the views and aspirations of others". Although as true today as when written, the conversation leading up to this value's selection was perhaps a little broader than the final published version. We had also discussed the collegiality of our Department, the sense that our colleagues are like friends and family to us. Today was a great reminder of this core value.

Every seat was filled in the Dean's conference room in front of the big screen to celebrate the exciting gold-medal game played by Team Canada women's hockey against the US. We shared cheers, laughs, gasps, groans, and celebrations as each team scored twice before Poulin's game-winning goal scored in a tense overtime. Many thanks to our greenhouse departmental technician Lynn Hoyles for arranging today's viewing and for staying at work a little later than usual (Overheard comment from Lynn: "Only Olympic hockey could keep me here past 3!").

Thanks to everyone who joined today's Olympic celebration, which helped demonstrate that we enjoy each other's company, that we value community, that Waterloo Biology is our home away from home.

Biology watching olympics