Rooney lab wins the 2016 Holiday Hallway competition

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Department of Biology has claimed its 2016 festive door winners!

Each year, the Biology Graduate Student Association opens registration for interested grads to have the opportunity to list their labs in the annual festive door competition.

This year, the science buildings saw a total of eight teams competing to determine who could design the most creative display of the season.

Graduate student judges, Justin Knapp, Matt Mcleod and Heather Roshon, walked through the hallways yesterday taking pictures and hearing style strategies to determine which group would take home the 2016 winning title.

This year’s winners were the Rooney Lab, receiving a $25 grand prize. Second place of $15 went to the Swanson Lab.

Congratulations to all participants!

Rooney Lab (1st Place)

Rooney lab doorDecorated by: Prof. Rebecca Rooney, Daina Anderson, Matthew Bolding, Graham Howell, Courtney Robichaud and Sarah Yuckin

Strategy: The Rooney Lab studies aquatic ecology, restoration ecology and landscape ecology. The group focuses on the response of biotic communities and their environmental correlation to human disturbance. Their winning door took the approach of incorporating research on invading species and turned that species into a Christmas elf invading the North Pole by destroying toys for girls and boys. They eventually took it one step further as the elf progressively began to invade the other competing lab doors.   

Swanson Lab (2nd Place)

Swanson lab doorDecorated by: Prof. Heidi Swanson, Leanne Baker, Samantha Burke and Nelson Zabel

Strategy: The Swanson Lab studies northern fish ecology and ecotoxicology to understand contaminant accumulation responses to anthropogenic stressors. Their door resembled the labs research by depicting the tree as the aquatic food chain and the mini presents as the mercury process and how it impacts the food web.

Craig Lab

Craig lab doorDecorated by: Prof. Paul Craig, Heather Ikert and Hossein Mehdi

Strategy: The Craig Lab studies the impacts of environmental stressors on aquatic species. Their door resembled the classic tradition of a father and son venturing into the woods to chop down a tree for Christmas. Instead of humans, the father and son were fish to resemble their research.  

Doxey Lab

Doxey lab doorDecorated by: Prof. Andrew Doxey, Sura Ali, Briallen Lobb and Michael Mansfield

Strategy: The Doxey Lab studies genome analysis, molecular evolution and protein structural bioinformatics. Their door was simply to join in the holiday festivities and add some decoration to brighten the holiday spirit.

Duncker Lab

Duncker lab doorDecorated by: Prof. Bernard Duncker, Mark Hamilton, Laras Larasati and Geburah Straker 

Strategy: The Duncker lab studies cancer-related research on yeast and controlling DNA replication to produce certain proteins during cell cycles. Their door was inspired by Christmas traditions with a resemblance to their research by adding a DNA tree. It incorporated a wish list from each lab member, a naughty or nice list and nativity scene. To make it more effective, everything was shaped into a 3D figure.

Hug Lab

Hug lab doorDecorated by: Laura Hug and Rebecca Co

Strategy: The Hug Lab studies the diversity and function of microbial communities in contaminated sites. Their door was inspired by Professor Hug’s recent article on the tree of life. The left antler acts as the bacteria branch while the right antler acts as the archaea branch. To add in some colour pink was used to represent the stained colour rods used in gram negative stains.

Katzenback Lab

Katzenback lab doorDecorated by: Barb Katzenback, Quinn Abram and Maxwell Bui-Marinos

Strategy: The Katzenback Lab studies how environmental stressors influence cells and soluble molecules that compromise amphibian innate immune systems. Their door featured a Christmas sleigh with the Wood Frog, a favourite in the group, as the driver and two other frog species along with walleye fish pulling the sled. The group retaliated to Rooney’s elf by setting macrophages to infect it.

Neufeld Lab

Neufeld lab doorDecorated by: Josh Neufeld, Ashley Ross, Laura Sauder and Emilie Spasov

Strategy: The Neufeld Lab studies microbial communities and longstanding challenges of microbial ecology. Their door was a parody of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with each member of the lab taking on the persona of a character from the cartoon. Professor Neufeld was assigned as the Grinch who stole the Christmas tree and also took revenge on Rooney’s elf by capturing him in a petri dish. 

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