Second floor labs breaking bad

Monday, August 26, 2013

Group photo at the paintball event

Guest post from Bernie Duncker

Although mid-August is typically associated with the dog days of summer, this year it was more like the dogs of war as second floor B1 labs faced each other in armed paintball combat. Alliances were quickly established, with the Van der Meer and Neufeld groups partnering to face the combined might of the Duncker and Chuong labs joined by a Reed mercenary. The first battle was a rout in favor of team “Chuncker”, but the tide soon turned as one of their own defected to the opposing “Van der Feld” side. The conflict raged on for hours, spanning burnt out villages, jungle drug cartel hideouts, forts and schools, finally culminating in a Tarantino-worthy Church shoot-out. Following this paint-bath carnage, a ceasefire was declared, and the former combatants participated in the Whale & Ale peace conference. The fragile inter-lab treaty appears to be holding, for now...