Kesen Ma.

Kesen Ma

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor, Biology

Kesen Ma carries out research in physiology and enzymology of hyperthermophiles, a group of microorganisms growing at temperatures of boiling water. Metabolic processes involved in the conversion of biomass to biofuels and bioproducts at elevated temperatures are studied.

Mungo Marsden.

Mungo Marsden

Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

Mungo Marsden investigates the molecular mechanisms that mediate changes in biological form, in particular the modulation of cell adhesion states. Regulation of cell adhesion is not only important during early cell development, but is also fundamental to a wide variety of health related issues, such as cancer and wound healing.

Brendan McConkey

Brendan J. McConkey

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor (Bioinformatics)

Brendan McConkey's research focuses on proteomics analysis, that is, identifying and quantifying the proteins active within a biological system. He and his team develop experimental techniques as well as use computational and bioinformatics tools to study protein function and identify changes in protein expression in biological systems, such as yeast, algae, plants and mammalian cells.

Barbara A. Moffatt.

Barbara A. Moffatt

Professor, Undergrad Advisor (Biology)

Barbara Moffatt is intrigued by how gene expression and enzyme activities are regulated to meet the metabolic needs of plant growth and development. Her research involves genetics, metabolite profiling, enzyme assays, morphological analyses, and reporter gene studies, as well as immunodetection of protein levels and protein-protein interaction assays.

Kirsten Muller

Kirsten M. Müller

Professor and Assistant Vice-President Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs

Kirsten Müller carries out research in Phycology and is a world expert on the Bangiales.

Contact information
Office: B2 245A
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 32224

Josh Neufeld

Josh D. Neufeld


As a microbial ecologist, Josh Neufeld studies microbial diversity in order to understand how microbial communities interact with each other within aquatic, terrestrial, and host-associated environments. Balancing basic and applied research, his research group also studies the nitrogen cycle in natural and engineered systems. 

Marcel Pinheiro.

Marcel Pinheiro

Continuing Lecturer, Undergrad Advisor (Biomedical Science)

Dr. Marcel Pinheiro's focus is zoology of the invertebrates, primarily benthic invertebrates and those that carry out a parasitic lifestyle. His undergraduate teaching focuses on exposing students to the diversity of eukaryotes, both single- and multi-celled, and striving to provide students with the chance to encounter these organisms in the field. Further, Dr.

Michael Power.

Michael Power


Michael Power carries out research in salmonid and northern fish ecology and is a world expert on Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) and oxygen isotope otolith microchemistry.

Bruce H. Reed.

Bruce H. Reed

Associate Professor

Bruce Reed carries out research in developmental and cell biology and is an expert on the model genetic organism Drosophila.

Contact information
Office: B1 293A
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 38085
Lab: B1 287, ext. 38413

Rebecca Rooney

Rebecca C. Rooney

Associate Professor

Rebecca Rooney carries out research in wetland ecology and is a world expert on biomonitoring and wetland assessment.

David Rose.

David R. Rose


David Rose carries out research in structural glycobiology with particular interest in enzymes associated with human health and disease. Recent work focuses on enzymes that take part in processing major components of the human diet.

John Semple

John C. Semple

Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Tufts, Master of Arts (MA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Washington University St. Louis


Telephone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 32565

Office: Biology 2 247A

Mark R. Servos.

Mark R. Servos


Professor Mark R. Servos carries out research in the broad areas of Ecotoxicology and Integrated Water Resources Management.

Ralph Smith

Ralph E.H. Smith

Professor Emeritus

Ralph E.H. Smith carries out research on water quality and food web function in lakes with special attention to primary producers (phytoplankton, attached algae), nutrients, and the environmental processes behind issues of current concern (lake anoxia, problem blooms, shoreline fouling, etc.).

J. David Spafford.

J. David Spafford

Associate Professor

David Spafford carries out research on voltage-gated cation channels including calcium and sodium channels and NALCN. The channels regulate key functions in our body, including signaling and rhythmic activities in the brain and heart.

Applications of his research include developing new classes of drugs for treating epilepsy, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Heidi Swanson.

Heidi Swanson

Associate Professor; University Research Chair

Heidi Swanson carries out research on the effects of climate change on aquatic food webs, mercury accumulation in Arctic lakes, the life history of lake trout and ecology of Arctic marine fish communities. 

Field Course Coordinator

William D. Taylor

William D. Taylor

Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Toronto


John Thompson.

John E. Thompson

Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Full Adjunct Professor

Cross-appointed (Chemistry)

Associate Vice President, University Research

BSA (Toronto), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Alberta, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC)

Jonathan Witt

Jonathan D.S. Witt

Associate Chair Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor, Undergrad Advisor (Environmental Science)

Jonathan Witt carries out research in Molecular Ecology and Evolution and is a world expert on amphipod crustaceans.

Undergraduate Advisor (Environmental Science, Ecology)

Contact information
Office: B2 252A
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 35951

Jozef Nissimov

Jozef Nissimov

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nissimov is an environmental microbiologist and an aquatic virus ecologist.

Adam Yates

Adam Yates

Assistant Professor

Professor Yates is an aquatic ecologist whose research blends aquatic and landscape sciences to generate the knowledge and tools to help solve critical issues threatening the health and sustainability of freshwater ecosystems.


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