Bio-Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience Lab

Research strengths

From world-changing AI technology to locking down cybersecurity solutions, Waterloo Engineering researchers are driving innovative discoveries that are advancing knowledge.

Biomedical Engineering research

Biomedical Engineering combines biology with applied sciences and engineering to solve health-related problems and develop tools for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Waterloo Engineering has a long history of research conducted in the biomedical field, leading to establishment of the Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology (CBB). Acting as a resource to biomedical researchers across the University of Waterloo, CBB provides faculty members and students with new opportunities to collaborate with other institutions and partner with industry members to conduct ground-breaking research.

Members of CBB work in a number of biomedical research areas, and come from a variety of departments in the Science and Engineering Faculties, including Systems Design, Chemical, Electrical and Computer, and Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering.