BME Technical Electives - Special Topics and Research Thesis


Technical electives for Biomedical Engineering (BME) students are organized into three Special Topics courses: BME 587 Biomedical Signals, BME 588 Biomechanics, and BME 589 Bio-Devices. Student may also enrol in BME 499: Elective Biomedical Research Project.


BME students are encouraged to design their own elective package to develop expertise in their particular interest area. 

Refer to the course calendar for more information on technical electives for BME students. 

Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering

BME 587 –
Special topics in Biomedical Signals

BME 588 –
Special topics in Biomechanics

BME 589 –
Special topics in

These courses deal with selected topics at the undergraduate level in medical imaging and diagnostics, biosignals and neuroscience. [Offered: F, W]

These courses deal with selected topics at the undergraduate level in biofluid mechanics, tissue mechanics, sports engineering and rehabilitation engineering. [Offered: F, W]

These courses deal with selected topics at the undergraduate level in assistive devices, implants, prostheses, orthoses, biomedical technologies, therapeutics and biocompatibility. [Offered: F, W]

Fall 2022 Offerings:


Fall 2022 Offerings:

Topic 1: Introduction to the Mechanics of Biomedical Materials

Fall 2022 Offerings:

No offerings 

Winter 2023 Offerings:


Winter 2023 Offerings:

Topic: Computational Biomechanics 

Topic: Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering

Winter 2023 Offerings:

Topic: Biomaterials and Biomedical Design 

Note: The minimum prerequisite for these Special Topics technical electives is a 3A standing in Engineering. Additional prerequisites may be required by the individual course instructor(s). See the course descriptions (and syllabi).

Note: In each academic year, at least one technical elective course will be offered in each theme area.

BME 499 - Elective Biomedical Research Project

BME 499 - Elective Biomedical Research Project

A major undergraduate individual biomedical research project carried out as a technical elective (TE) under the supervision of a faculty member. Students are expected to demonstrate initiative and responsibility. An oral presentation of results and a written report are the minimum requirements. The faculty supervisor or department may set other requirements. Students will arrange for a faculty supervisor prior to registration. [Offered: F,W]

Note: The minimum prerequisites for BME 499 include: BME 399 and at least a 4A standing in Engineering.