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The University of Waterloo is a bold and dynamic place, with a uniquely relevant and meaningful approach to higher education. How we deliver that message — on campus, in print, online, through words and imagery — matters.

A unified voice and vision supports our goal to be seen, heard and recognized as a leader in academic excellence and one of the world’s most innovative universities. It allows us to amplify our message through all communications activities and channels and via the stories we tell.

A unified look and feel

In 2013, Waterloo brought back the heraldic shield as an integral part of the university logo. Our shield is a powerful symbol for a leading academy of higher education, a testament to the university's history and values, and a touchstone for all who share Waterloo pride.

The return of the shield is supported by an identity framework that demonstrates how the logo and a suite of supporting design elements are applied across print and digital applications across and beyond our campus.

Building on this evolution of the identity, the brand refinement project is now underway and will provide additional brand messaging, tools and visual guidelines to help us more effectively communicate Waterloo's stories.

Identity tools 

The following resources help to tell the Waterloo story:

Talk to us

This site, guidelines and available templates and tools will continue to evolve and grow as we work with campus colleagues to implement the brand refinement project in November 2016. 

Have questions, requests or feedback? Visit our contact us page to get in touch. These guidelines were developed and are maintained by the University Relations team, with input from key stakeholders across campus. 

  1. June 24, 2016Presentation materials now availableScreen shot of the powerpoint template cover

    An institutional video and presentation deck are now available to help promote Waterloo.

  2. Nov. 2, 2015Sharing Waterloo with the world: Contribute to this communications initiative University of Waterloo vertical logo

    Waterloo students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners are invited to provide input into the brand refinement project as we move forward on this communications initiative to expand awareness of the University and its reputation both nationally and internationally.

  3. Dec. 17, 2014Updated boilerplate now available

    Need to give someone an overview of the University of Waterloo? An updated boilerplate is now available for use in new releases, promotional materials, and other communications.

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