Logos and colour bar

Inherently adaptive

The University of Waterloo’s visual identity system is designed to represent Waterloo in a unified manner, demonstrate official status and communicate proper hierarchy within the University.

The complete logo suite that follows has been developed to provide flexibility so that you can tailor communications to your intended audience.

Elevating the University as a whole is our combined objective. The official University logos are the foundation of our identity system and are deemed appropriate for any communication that promotes the University.

Subsequent logos have been created to distinguish faculties, departments, schools and non-academic units within the University. Appropriate use of these elements enhances our reputation and cultivates instant recognition of our unique institution.

When you choose which logo is most suitable to use, consider:

  • if you are promoting a single area of the University or promoting a broader spectrum.
  • how prominently your faculty, department, school or unit is represented on your communication piece.
  • who your target audience is and how familiar they are with your faculty, department, school or unit.
  • what logo will make your communication more compelling to your intended audience.
  • how formal or informal you wish to be perceived.