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The University logo must print white, black or full colour (official University logo), no exceptions apply.


Event logo to be placed in specified area; additional text, elements or website may be added. Vendor specifications will apply

1 colour (reverse to white on dark t-shirt or black on light t-shirt)


Horizontal Waterloo logo on back of t-shirt in specified location. Additional space for text, website or sponsor logos

Alternate position

On sleeve using vertical University logo

T-shirt front showing logo placement describe in accompanying text

T-shirt back and side showing logo placement described in accompanying text



Here are some examples of what your t-shirt design could look like.

Example with two-colour event logo on front and black University logo on back and sleeve.

T-shirt examples with two colour logos

Canada Day Celebration t-shirt showing white event logo and white University logo on a dark background.

Canada Day t-shirt showing white logo on red shirt

Canada Day Celebration t-shirts with black logos on a light coloured shirt.

T-shirt example showing black logos on a white background

How to request designs for event t-shirts

Submit an online requisition to Creative Services to get started.

If you have any questions, please contact Creative Services at ext. 33612 or