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Official logos

The University of Waterloo logo is a primary element of the visual identity system. Horizontal and vertical versions of the logo are available. In most cases, the horizontal version is preferred. 

Please read our usage guidelines for details on approved usage. Logos may not be altered in any way.

About the logo files

Print logos are .eps file format in CMYK and PMS colour formats. They are scalable vector art images to be used with professional design software and printing.

Digital logos are .png and .jpg file formats suitable for web, other digital uses (such as digital signage systems) and campus print materials, such as notices for bulletin boards.

The .png files have transparent backgrounds. Depending on your internet browser, the transparent background may display as white or gray. 

The logo files are compressed to a .zip file. When you download the file, it will be saved to the 'Downloads' folder on your computer. To unzip the file, open it. You can then save the logos to the appropriate location on your computer.

Download logo files

Download individual logos as needed, or download the University of Waterloo logos complete kit (zip).