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Our layout strategy allows for flexibility within a framework. To achieve this, the layout for primary communication vehicles is structured as follows:

Anchored signifiers

These are elements that show up consistently across applications in terms of their relationships to the layout or canvas — always in the same place. These elements include the Waterloo logo and lockups which are always placed at the bottom of the layout and the colour bar, which is always placed at the top of the layout.

Evolving expressions

These are elements that can be applied in different ways across applications. They include typography, imagery and colour and can be used together in a variety of combinations within different layouts. To allow our brand to adapt, the majority of the layout real estate is dedicated to this concept of evolving expressions and content.

Examples: Print applications

Click the image to see full size

University portrait/print canvas

Layout sample - print portrait

Faculty of Arts portrait/print canvas

Sample layout Faculty of Arts


Examples: Digital/web canvas

University of Waterloo webpage

University of Waterloo webpage

Faculty of Arts webpage

Faculty of Arts webpage


Avoiding overuse

The colour bar and logo should appear only once in communications — the very first instance (e.g. on a brochure cover or social media avatar). Avoid repeating their use throughout communications (e.g. throughout a multiple-page publication or on social media posts). As a general rule of thumb, the bar should not be used in situations where the logo would not be use