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Faculty, department & school logos

Faculties, departments and schools have unique logos. You can use the University of Waterloo logo, or the Faculty, department and school logo.


The full colour version of logos are to be used in all cases except when the use of full colour is not achievable. For example, you would use the black version of the logo when creating an advertisement to be printed in black and white.

Minimum size

Recommended minimum sizes have been established in order to ensure legibility and maximum impact of our logos on all our communications material.

For Faculty, department and school logos, the recommended minimum width for the University of Waterloo shield and wordmark is 45.43 mm.

Faculty logo minimum size sample

Clear space 

Recommendations for clear space around logos ensure their visibility and impact. No other graphic element should appear within the clear space.

Surround the logo with clear space equal to the height of the University of Waterloo wordmark on all sides.