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Bureau Grotesque

Typography sample Bureau Grotesque condensed bold


Primary use 



Secondary use

Body copy and lead-in copy.


Uppercase or title case.


Bureau Grotesque is available in 27 different styles and weights. The preferred style and weight is condensed bold.


In the event that the primary typeface is unavailable, the following alternatives can be used. Some examples of applications that may require the use of alternatives include PowerPoint presentations and mobile apps (for which the primary fonts have not been licensed).

Use Typeface
PC and Mac, Blackberry


Typography sample of Impact


Avenir Condensed Heavy

Typography sample of Avenir Next Condensed Heavy


Droid Sans

Typography sample of Droid Sans

Sample typography applications

Brand fonts — social media post

Sample typography application using brand fonts

This sample typography application shows use of the brand font Bureau Grotesque in a brand campaign headline.

Alternative fonts — social media post

Sample typgraphy application using alternate fonts

This sample typography application shows the use of the alternative font Impact in the brand campaign headline.


For information on how to license the brand fonts, contact Creative Services.