If you are admitted to an Engineering program, and depending on your English language test scores, you are offered a place in either

  • the 7-week summer session of iBASE, OR
  • the 8-month (fall/winter) session of BASE

In the 8-month session, you also take university credit courses in addition to your English language courses. Your fall and winter credit courses are selected for you.

Your credit courses may include ECE 105, PHYS 115, ENVS 195, and MATH 137. These courses count toward your degree.

Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for descriptions of the courses you'll take.

BASE courses for Engineering programs

Fall term courses Winter term courses                                                     

ECE 105 Classical Mechanics (0.5 credits). For applicants to Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Software Engineering.


PHYS 115 Mechanics (0.5 credits). For applicants to all other programs.

ENVS 195 Introduction to Environmental Studies (0.5 credits) For all applicants.
MATH 137 Calculus 1 (0.5 credits)
For all applicants. (Not supported by BASE language courses.
BASE 032 Introduction to Skills & Strategies for University BASE 042 Enhanced Skills & Strategies for University
BASE 034 Introduction to Academic Writing & Research Skills BASE 044 Extended Academic Writing & Research Skills
BASE 036 Introduction to Academic Speaking & Communication Strategies BASE 046 Effective Academic Speaking & Communication Strategies
Bi-weekly meetings with instructors Bi-weekly meetings with instructors
Weekly workshops and information sessions Weekly workshops and information sessions

What to expect in your credit courses

This page contains information about the 8-month Engineering/BASE program. Looking for information about iBASE?

In Engineering/BASE, you take 3 university credit courses along with your BASE courses. Taking these courses helps you build a strong foundation for other Waterloo Engineering programs. They also allow you to practise the oral, writing, and academic skills you learn in your BASE courses.

You earn .50 credits toward your degree for each credit course you successfully complete.

What to expect in your BASE courses