Acceptance testing

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As we continue to move our development forward, part of our testing strategy will look at how the campus community can participate in this process. This involvement will be structured as an alpha/beta testing program.

Alpha testing details

Alpha testing is now complete.

Beta testing overview - May 19 to June 8

Testing goals

The primary goals of the beta testing process include:

  • Evaluating overall satisfaction of the product
  • Ensure that the product, as developed to that point so far, is ready to be released
  • Ultimately answering the question: Do you like the product?

Who can participate in beta 2 testing?

This testing phase is open to members of the University Community who have completed the WCMS for Content Maintainers (WCMS 2) training course.

What should testers expect?

  • Beta 2 websites will be built in the Pantheon environment and will not contain any content.
  • You may choose to rebuild a WCMS 2 website in WCMS 3 for the following reasons:
    • You want to rebuild a small site to familiarize yourself with the new platform.
    • You want to revamp an existing site entirely.
    • You have a non-standard (FDSU) site that you are eager to get in WCMS 3 and feel the current functionality will cover your use case (Reminder: only standard FDSU sites and some single-page site functionality will be supported in WCMS 3 at launch).
  • Alternatively, you may choose to begin building a brand-new website in WCMS 3.
  • Migration of WCMS 2 websites to WCMS 2 is not supported at this time.
  • WCMS 3 training notes will not be available during this testing phase.
    • Support requests may be submitted to
    • Training and support resources, and information on completing required WCMS 3 training courses, will be shared when ready.
  • Websites built during beta 2 testing are eligible to move from development to the live Pantheon environment on or after June 29, 2021.

How do I participate in beta 2 testing?

You may submit a request to

Notice a bug or issue with your site?

Please submit any bugs and/or issues using the reporting form,

How will feedback be addressed?

Once an alpha testing cycle has completed and all feedback has been gathered and analyzed, all issues identified as critical to the operation of the system will be addressed immediately. Minor user-experience related changes may be incorporated before the production launch as well. Otherwise, all other feedback will be added to our development backlog, and prioritized for future development accordingly.