WCMS Kitchen sink survey summary

IST's Web Development team conducted a WCMS Kitchen sink survey to gather feedback from WCMS users on some general questions we have for the WCMS 3 rebuild project.

The survey was available to all WCMS content maintainers for a period of approximately two weeks and received submissions from 64 participants who were asked to comment on various content types, formatting processes, and functionality.

For more details, download the WCMS Kitchen sink survey summary (PPT).

What's next

As we build the next WCMS - see the development roadmap here - we will work to include feasible changes to how things work. We're happy to say that many of the suggestions line up with the changes we have already planned. Some of the recommendations for "net new" functionality will be held as feature requests for consideration at the conclusion of the project, and some of the suggestions that were beyond the scope - content changes, search functionality, etc. - will be passed on to the appropriate teams.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates on our progress, an early look at coming changes, follow-up surveys, and other project related information.

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