Pausing WCMS 3 migrations between academic terms - summer/fall terms

Thursday, August 11, 2022
by Natasha Jennings

Updated August 12, 2022

What is happening? The WCMS team announced in April that they would be temporarily pausing the creation and migration of WCMS 3 websites between academic terms to allow for adequate onboarding and off-boarding of WCMS co-op staff. The next pause will take place between Monday, August 15 22 and Friday, September 9, 2022, and will not impact sites already in progress.

What does this mean to me? During the temporary pause you/your team may still: 

  • Review the WCMS 3 migration prep checklist and prepare your site for migration
  • Complete both the WCMS 3 Fundamental and Web Forms training courses via LEARN
  • Submit new site creation and site migration requests (requests will be actioned by the WCMS team beginning September 9)
  • Register for WCMS 3 remediation training (requests will be actioned by the WCMS team beginning September 9)
    • Remediation training is held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and registrations must be made by the website lead at least one week in advance. 
    • Remediation training is only for users that will be remediating their own sites after migration. If our WCMS migration specialist team will be remediating your site, you do not need to complete remediation training.

Questions or concerns? Please submit to