Concept in Residence

About Concept 

From ideation to product development, Concept is where students can find the support they need to bring a concept to reality. 

Concept is an experiential entrepreneurship and pre-incubator program designed by leading startup incubator, Velocity, and the University of Waterloo. We provide information and guidance for the entrepreneurially curious and have tailored pre-incubator programs for aspiring startup founders.  

Concept provides: 

Throughout the year, Concept in Residence provides programming, support, coaching, and mentorship for students living in residence focused on entrepreneurship. Concept in Residence is supported by live-in upper-year students called Student Entrepreneurship Coordinators (SECs). SECs work to support entrepreneurship programs and events in residence, while also offering mentorship and coaching opportunities.  

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Jessie Snyder, Coordinator, Residence Learning.