Spring 2021 Information

Campus in the spring.

Decisions about Residence

  • Campus Housing will be open to students for spring term. Whether your classes are online or in-person, students are welcome to live with us. 

  • Campus Housing has closely worked with Public Health authorities to implement safety recommendations. See how we’re keeping you safe below. 

  • Food Services will be open for the spring term. The Market at CMH will be open with modified hours of service. Spring residents will receive additional information about cafeteria hours and services before move-in.

  •  UW Place, Claudette Millar Hall, and Columbia Lake Village will be open for the spring 2021 term. Minota Hagey, Mackenzie King Village, Village 1, and Ron Eydt Village will be closed.

  • Information about Fall 2021 coming soon!

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How we're ensuring your safety in residence

Plexiglass at the front desks

Front desks are a major hub in each residence community. Students can pick up mail, make photocopies, ask questions and access resources. We have erected new plexiglass shields to keep both students and our front desk student staff safe.

Single Bedrooms

All students in residence will have a single room this spring term. We are following the most up-to-date public health recommendations to support safe distancing practices within each residence. 

Disinfecting Procedures

Our Cleaning Services staff are meeting and exceeding public health recommendations regarding cleaning and disinfecting all spaces in residences, particularly high touch surfaces.  


Virtual Programming

Our Student Development and Residence Life staff are working hard to ensure students feel connected, engaged, and academically supported in their residence communities through fun, virtual events and activities.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets have been added to most of our public washroom spaces to decrease high touch areas.

Disinfectant Wipes Dispensers

Disinfectant wipes dispensers have been added to dozens of spaces throughout our communities. This will allow students and staff to wipe down surfaces with a disposable disinfecting wipe between scheduled twice a day cleaning.


Additional changes to our spaces include;

  • Foot door pulls and door levers have been added at all public circulation doors to decrease the amount of high touch points when opening doors and improve our accessibility throughout our communities.
  • Foot operated elevator buttons have been added to the elevator controls so students can call and select their floors without the use of their hands (normal elevator buttons are still available for accessibility purposes).
  • Power Door Operators have either been added or enhanced at most of our main entry ways. This includes replacing hand button operators with pedestal operators to allow for hands free opening of doors.
  • Over 250 hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout our buildings.
  • Signage has been placed throughout the buildings to indicate things like traffic flow, elevator max occupancy, enter and exit doors, and room max occupancy. Other examples include reminders of Public Health safety reminders like; hand washing, social distancing practices, etc. 
  • Furniture reduction has been implemented throughout all our spaces. Furniture has been reduced to allow for proper distancing.
  • Large study areas, washrooms, meeting rooms, and customer service spaces have all been equipped with plexiglass partitions if furniture placement alone did not provide proper distancing between users. Plexiglass partitions will continue to be added to our spaces.

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