App and Podcast Reviews: Wehl – A Social Community for Wellness & Meditation Podcast


Wehl Social Media PostWehl is a mobile friendly social media community for your wellness. “It’s a place to be inspired, inspire others and spread good.”

Wehl started here in Canada by a team who are passionate about creating a healthy social networking experience and contributing to social causes. When you first enter the website, you will need to create an account; then you can interact with the community and create posts. Similarly, to other social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook, you can show your support for a post by giving it a high five, favouriting a post and commenting. The post you high fived and favourited are conveniently saved in separate categories for you to visit later. When making a post on Wehl, you can add a photo, a caption and a tag or category such as body, mind, spiritual, work, enviro, social or post as a tip. Wehl is a social platform built to be a healthy alternative.

You can get started today for free!

Meditation Minis Podcast

Meditation Minis with Chel HamiltonThe Meditation Minis Podcast are free guided mind-shifting short meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence for those on the go. The podcasts are averaging around 10 minutes hosted by Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton. These meditations are great for any busy student who needs a few minutes to themselves. There are many various mini meditations to choose from like sleep meditations, gratitude meditations, healthier eating choices meditations and many others.

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